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Not that this game isn’t a fine follow-up to the 2007 original, but it’s definitely aimed at a broader audience. With much of the micromanagement minutiae reduced or removed entirely, Supreme Commander 2 is more of a garden-variety real-time strategy title than a proud member of a distinctive series. It’s not quite as large, as open, or as well-written as Deus Ex, but it stands as a solid spiritual successor to one of the best PC games of all time. It wasn’t until 2016 that the game received a PC port, but the wait was worth it.

If you plan on playing online games, get the console your friends have, because Sony usually doesn’t support cross-platform multiplayer with the Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch. Both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms require a $60-per-year subscription for access to even basic online functions. On the PS4, this subscription is called PlayStation Plus; on the Xbox, it’s called Xbox Live Gold. The PS4 and Xbox One are similar enough that they get most of the same games, including titles in popular franchises such as Call of Duty, Destiny, and Madden.

But if you’re on a budget, it is a great time to buy a Sony PlayStation 4 or a Microsoft Xbox One S and play through almost a decade’s worth of fantastic, cheap games. Gas Powered Games’ Supreme Commander 2 probably doesn’t deserve the word "supreme" in its title, but then changing the title would defeat the purpose of making a sequel.

You do not have to pay for PS Plus to use streaming video services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Unlike with Xbox Live Gold, you don’t need PS Plus to use the PS4’s Party Chat system to voice-chat with friends.

Ikaruga is now available as a Steam game that retains the unique color-switching mechanic found in the previous arcade and console versions, but adds video uploads, numerous options, and a handful of Steam-specific features. Tense police pursuits are common in Need for Speed Heat, and not all of them end with a getaway. This latest entry in the long-running Need for Speed racing game series recreates some of the best aspects of previous titles, including engrossing chases, ample car customization options, and inviting arcade-like racing mechanics.

  • If you fancy thumb-numbing, button-mashing action in either solo or multiplayer sessions, Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle is a recommended package.
  • That said, it lacks the deep production design documents and historical notes found in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection or SNK 40th Anniversary Collection.
  • The original Bayonetta is one of the best action games ever made, and it easily stands alongside such genre classics as God Hand, Devil May Cry 3, and Ninja Gaiden Black.

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Heat also features a more fitting setting and story than the last game, tapping into the adrenaline-fueled racing spirit that defined its most successful predecessors. Although many games based on anime franchises exist, they’re usually basic action or fighting games that lack depth and are created solely to pander to their fan bases.

However, each system has its own set of exclusive titles that aren’t available on any other console. Either console offers a lot of value if you’ll be happy to spend time exploring a huge library software gratis of existing games. Both systems frequently go on sale or are sold along with games or gift cards, and big-name games that have grabbed headlines for years can often be had for $20 or less. And although we prefer dedicated media streamers, both consoles are also decent media streaming boxes and DVD/Blu-Ray players, if that’s something your entertainment center needs. The next generation of game consoles will be here by the end of 2020, so now isn’t a great time to buy something if you’re looking for a console that will play new games for years to come (unless you’re buying a Nintendo Switch).

Onigiri is an enjoyable, highly customizable anime-meets-gaming experience that lets you mix it up with other online players. Despite its simple graphics and ho-hum music, Onigiri is worth checking out if you want to explore a virtual world that boasts thrilling combat and excellent voice acting.

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